Bringing a human touch to AI generated art

What is intuit?

Intuit is an advanced AI-powered tool based on gesture recognition.

In the age of complex tools and interfaces for creating digital art, we focus on bringing more human touch and intuition to your creative routine. Your hands become a powerful tool to shape your art no matter what media you work with.

How does it work?

Intuit is a new way of taking user input by detecting the creators hands using the webcam. By moving their hands, the creators are then able to control a generative AI simply by with their hand position. Therefore the creator is able to shape their creation together with the AI by simply moving their hands.

For digital artists

All the possible colors and shapes on your fingertips

For musicians

Mix, edit and speed up with a single swing

For photographers

Tune your photos faster and finer by using gestures

For 3D artists

Endless opportunities to explore textures and materials

Examples of generative AIs that can be controlled via Intuit


AI for co-creation of 3D rooms with digital assets. Intuit can be used to control features like "messiness" of the room. Checkout their demo.

Deep Dreams Generator

A set of tools which make it possible to explore different AI algorithms with focus on a visual content in different styles.


Jukebox produces a wide range of music and singing styles, and generalizes to lyrics not seen during training.

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